About MSI.

MSI is a world-leading hardware manufacturer, and one of the most trusted brands in gaming and e-sports community. MSI has dedicated countless hours and resources to the e-sports community to support the world's most talented players, leveraging their gaming expertise to optimize their product design. MSI’s effort to surpass past performance has made MSI very popular in the hardware industry.

MSI's reputation is built around decades of incorporating innovative technologies in their hardware components such as motherboards, graphics cards, keyboards, mice, computer monitors and laptops. Their displays have great color accuracy and their computer cabinets are solid and elegant. MSI's product line ranges from "low-end" budget-friendly components, to the best high-performance computer components.

MSI's Product Line.

MSI focuses on their customers and pay attention to the feedback they receive on their products. MSI wants to deliver products that cover the full range of individual hardware components, to complete systems and their content creation series, where the target audience is students. They also produce lightweight laptops for the businessman and hardcore gamer laptops as their Stealth series. Especially the Stealth series is ranked high among gamers, due to its reputation gained by hardware testers.

Across the entire MSI product portfolio, it is clear that their focus is primarily on aesthetic design and high performance. MSI is a pioneer in the development of hardware within the gaming field, from casual gamers to professional e-sports gamers.

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